Dr. Lewis has presented numerous information sessions, keynotes, webinars, and workshops on self-injury.  Audiences have included but are not limited to: the general public, caregivers/families of youth who self-injure, youth, hospital staff, mental health professionals, schools, and universities.

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Lewis, S.P. & Heath, N.L. Non-suicidal Self-injury: Essentials for Schools. Invited Workshop. Halton District School Board. Oakville, Ontario.

Lewis, S.P. (2015). Non-suicidal self-injury: Essentials for College Professionals. Invited Workshop. Seneca College. Toronto, Ontario.

Lewis, S.P. & Nancy L. Heath. (2014). Non-suicidal Self-injury Among Youth: Essentials for School Principals. Invited Workshop. Summer Institute on Leading Mentally Healthy Schools. School Mental Health Assist. Toronto, Ontario.

Lewis, S.P. & L’Stage, D. (2014). Non-suicidal Self-injury: Essentials for Clinicians. Webinar. American Association of Suicidology. Washington DC.

Lewis, S.P. (2014). Non-suicidal Self-injury: Essentials and Practical Applications. 1-Day Workshop. Psychology Program. University of Guelph.

Lewis, S.P. & Heath, N.L. (2013). Non-suicidal Self-injury: What Schools Need to Know. Invited Workshop. Toronto District School Board.

Lewis, S.P. (2013). Non-suicidal Self-injury Among Youth: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals. Invited Talk. Grand River Hospital. Kitchener, Ontario.



Audience feedback from recent presentations:

I attended the Grand Rounds yesterday.  The speaker was awesome.  He had very useful information.  He was the quality of things we should have put on not for other staff not able to attend to be able to access later.  He has lots of valuable information in the field of NSSI. Then assessing the different between those who self injury and then move towards suicide.  It was a very informative inservice
Great presentation. Good, concise, evidence based research. Passionate and very knowledgeable of the topic. Made it easy to listen to and learn.
Excellent presentation, very succinct and informative. Thank you for providing this presentation.
An excellent, very knowledgeable presenter
Excellent coverage of the research combined with extremely practical clinical strategies.
The presenter was knowledge and seemed to be up-to-date with recent research. He also gave an excellent overview of NSSI.
Excellent presenter. Thanks for the resources!
I gained a better understanding of NSSI with useful tools and strategies.
Overall, the presentation was well-organized, well-delivered, and really engaging.
The speaker was very well informed and a good speaker; kept it all very interesting!