In 2012, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Nancy Heath (McGill University) developed and launched Self-injury Outreach & Support (SiOS). SiOS is the first international non-profit outreach organization for self-injury. 

SiOS is recovery-focused and offers individuals who self-injure and those who have recovered with personal stories and hopeful messages from around the globe. SiOS also has coping guides to help with self-injury urges and difficult emotional experiences.

SiOS has been accessed in over 120 countries to date!

SiOS has been accessed in over 120 countries to date!

Dr. Lewis' research has demonstrated that self-injury information is frequently sought out online. Specifically, in 2012 alone there were well over 42 millions global searches for self-injury websites. Unfortunately, many of the available websites in people's search results offer low quality information that may propagate common self-injury myths.

In this regard, while the demand is high for self-injury information, the supply seems to be questionable. Thus, SiOS appears to fill an critical informational need online.  

SiOS offers downloadable and online resources (e.g., guides, videos) for the following individuals:

  • Those who self-injure

  • Family & Caregivers of those who self-injure

  • Friends of those who self-injure

  • Romantic partners of those who self-injure

  • Schools

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Medical Professionals

SiOS has been featured in news outlets including:

 The Globe and Mail, Reuters, and the CBC!

Feedback from SiOS site visitors:

“Thank you for this site. Your timing is impeccable."
"This is a needed resource from my own experience."
" …would like to begin by applauding you both for taking the initiative to creative a website that is much needed in our world at this time."
"I am genuinely grateful for having stumbled upon your site. Thank you so much for providing a well-organized, thoughtful, and helpful resource for self-injurers”