Students and trainees on our research team are afforded a variety of rich training opportunities. Using a developmental approach to mentorship, projects and tasks are assigned to meet students’ level and training needs. Typically, students initially engage in team-based work prior to undertaking more autonomous research.

We have a very active program of research. Each year our lab publishes articles in peer-reviewed journals and presents research at international and national conferences. Students often play roles on these projects. For example, all graduate students in the lab have published peer-reviewed papers, as have numerous undergraduate students. All students in the lab also take part in conference presentations at scholarly meetings and have authorship on conference presentations. In many cases, students are lead-authors on conference poster presentations. Please click here to access some of our recent scholarly work.

In order to accomplish our research goals, we work as a team. Thus, it is not uncommon for students at the undergraduate and graduate level to be working together or with collaborators at Guelph or other institutions. 

Our team is very hard-working. However, keeping a proper work-life balance is essential. This is emphasized to all lab members. Hence, open communication is a central value in our lab. This is encouraged with respect to voicing ideas about research and workload -- both in and outside of the lab.

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Graduate Students

All of our graduate students have published multiple peer-reviewed articles and all have presented at national or international conferences. Some students have also co-authored book chapters. To date, all graduate students in the lab have received external funding (e.g., CIHR, SSHRC, OGS) at the MA and PhD levels. All students have also successfully secured competitive predoctoral internship opportunities as a part of their clinical training. Although research involvement is certainly encouraged, it is recognized that graduate students have different career aspirations. Hence, lab experiences are tailored to students’ needs.

Undergraduate Students.

Undergraduate students are also quite involved in research. Some undergrads have published research in peer-reviewed journals and almost all have co-authored presentations at conferences. Lab alumni have gone on to pursue studies in a range of graduate and professional programs, including: clinical psychology, counselling psychology, school psychology, social work, public health, and law.