Situated in the Department of Psychology at the University of Guelph, our research team uses unique methods to conduct applied research on non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and related mental health issues affecting youth and young adults. Central to our work is the use of the Internet as a research platform and outreach tool.  Major goals of our research program include: a) understanding the scope, nature, and impact of online NSSI activity and communication; b) understanding and fostering NSSI recovery; c) developing novel ways to reach and help those who presently struggle with NSSI; and d) enhancing mental health literacy, resilience and wellbeing among youth and emerging adults.


Dr. Lewis gave a Tedx Talk in which he shared his lived experience with self-injury, depression, and suicide.

Dr. Lewis tells the story of his own life, which eventually brought him to researching Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) professionally. This intense and personal story gives insight into the internal battles of a self-injurer and gives hope to those who may be struggling with the battle themselves.


Self-Injury Outreach & Support (SiOS) has a new look!

Among some of the website's new features are: a cleaner & more user-friendly interface; more resources for our various stakeholders; better integration with social media (SiOS is now on Twitter, YouTube & Facebook); a Google Translate function to translate our material into different languages across the globe; new videos from leading NSSI experts, & most importantly a new story section on which we emphasize recovery and hope for our site visitors - this includes an interface on which people can share their stories, read those of others, and comment to others in order to convey their support.

Web: www.sioutreach.org

Twitter: www.twitter.com/sioutreach

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sioutreach



Dr. Lewis was interviewed by Mind Your Mind; check out the interview and article here.

Dr. Lewis wrote a piece for The Mighty; check it out here.

Click here to access Dr. Lewis' recent paper regarding the role of scarring in the context of self-injury research, recovery, and practice.

Click here to access a recent paper examining how self-injury is blogged and reblogged on Tumblr.



The SiM-Health Lab welcomes two new graduate students to our team: Jenny Gomez & Veesta Mavandavi.

The SiM-Health Lab welcomes two new honours students to our team: Brianne Gayfer & Aaron Vieira

We are currently NOT accepting applications for undergraduate research positions. Please feel free to check back later this fall or early in the new year if you would like to join our team.